Host a Screening

Screenings are a wonderful way to build a sense of community.
These two worksheets will help you along the way.
1. Decide to do a screening. In these times many of us may feel somewhat disconnected. Perhaps we worry that our social network isn't big enough for a screening. But if you feel drawn to this movie, it's worth the effort to share it with others. Consider being a little bit brave.

2. Choose your screening venue and date. Sample venue options: Your living room; A movie theater; Non-profit meeting room; Virtual Screening; Consider disability access, transportation access, venue cost and size.

3. Consider purchasing a DVD.

4. Choose an RSVP tool. Know that if you use Facebook Events, and use phrases like "vaccine injury" your event may be "shadow-banned."
5. Send out invitations.
Approximate # Sent
RSVP Count                 
6. Consider a panel discussion with vaccine-injured participants, advocates, and medical professionals
7. Enjoy your role as host! Share the website URL ( after the movie. Ask if anyone else wants to conduct a screening. Thank your participants!

(Optionally) 8. Share share this screening with the Anecdotals film team


After the Screening

9. Share on social media using the
#AnecdotalsMovie hashtag
10. Share any other notes you have about the film or your screening experience, including media coverage. (Feel free to submit this form each time there is new media coverage. We would love to know about it.)